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Nothing speaks louder than recommending someone to people you know and love. I’ve recommended Chrissy’s services to friends, family and people in my network, both profit and non-profit sectors. The quality of her work is only surpassed by her work ethic and caring personality. If you hire Chrissy I guarantee she's someone you'll be recommending to your circle.

-- Jody Fletcher, e-5 Professional Coaching

Chrissy was a hidden gem for me to find. I needed someone patient, kind, and willing to educate me on employing good systems throughout the year within my small business. When it became time for taxes, she has made it so easy for me to upload all my docs into a safe place, and she sorts through it all and promptly asks questions when she needs more detail. I have felt like a rookie at times with these topics, so it's nice to have her gentle confidence to back me up!

-- Brittany Lineberry, Beach Broker/Realtor & Branding Photographer

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Chrissy is an absolute joy to work with and I am so grateful for her help through my first year being full-time in my business. She coached me through bookkeeping, taxes, and any questions I had along the way! I seriously used to cry every time I had to look at my numbers and now with her help I feel knowledgeable and capable. I will continue to use Chrissy’s services in the future and can’t recommend her enough!

-- Sarah Valeri, Hello Clutter

Accounting used to feel daunting and overwhelming. Chrissy’s organization and ability to communicate clearly make the process so easy. I feel like I can come to her with any questions and she always gets me!

-- Troy Cole, E•Motion Fitness & Studio

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Accounting and Back Office Value for Entrepreneurs

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